Happy - Healthy - Helpful

August 19, 2018

I was driving home from a day of work when I had a moment of clarity. It came after a discussion I had with a friend that day about staying true to who you are as a person and aligning that to your work. Perhaps you could think of it as your personal mission statement of sorts. Three simple words sum it up for me:

Happy. Healthy. Helpful.

Put them in any order. And when you get all three together – it could be a bit magical.

When I consider some of my past work experiences, I have one...

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Marketers: Naturally Resilient

July 13, 2018

Are marketers more resilient than others in the workforce? I have wondered this throughout my own marketing career. I see a lot of parallels between being resilient in life and being a marketer. In a past blog Leading The Dance:10 Tips on Leading Change Management I talked about marketers being change agents and our striving for continuous improvement. As a marketer leading through change and creating change, I need to be resilient so that I can come back stronger.

Just yesterday I was...

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Marketing Leadership: Who am I?

June 6, 2018

I’m often asked about why I describe myself as a data-driven strategic marketing leader. Let me walk you through answers to some of those questions.

Q: Are you a business analyst?
A: I am not a BA by trade. While I do understand analytics it is not my full-time job. I want to use data to help drive ROI. I think of data as a tool to help set marketing strategies up for success and as a measure of its effectiveness once in market.

Q: Are you working with data every day, a spreadsheet ninja...

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Building a Marketing Function From Scratch

May 10, 2018

Do you have a growth mindset? Are you looking to learn and grow like me? Do you seek out big, audacious goals or do you phone (today, we’d say text) it in? I always find it rewarding to work in an exploratory environment where the emphasis is on new ideas and innovation. It may come from the start of my career at a variety of agencies, where that was the norm. It is something I took with me when I transitioned to the brand, aka corporate, side of the business.

I was hired to build a...

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Nice – My Favorite Four Letter Word

April 13, 2018

There was a period of time where I answered the question of “What three words would you describe yourself as?” – with one and it was nice. This was directly out of college during my interviews. The facial expressions said, “Huh, what? Couldn’t you pick something more aggressive?” Being nice didn’t mean I wasn’t a go-getter. It did mean that my approach was friendly. We spend too much time with our work colleagues not to like and enjoy them.

When did nice ever go out of style? Sometimes I...

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